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By: tee530 
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Date: Jun 28, 2010,06:59 AM -  (view entire thread)

Hi Tyler,

You pose an interesting question.  There are many fans of the cal 50xxx movements, and I think you accurately see them as the descendents of the great IWC movements of the past.  Unusual in several ways, including their size (!), the Pellaton winder, the slow beat, and the Breguet overcoil.  For me, though, they are just too big.  If the size is not a problem for you, then they are great candidates.

The 80xxx series also employs the Pellaton winder, and is used in the modern Ingenieur.  I don't own one, but I understand that this is also a wonderful movement, due to its traditional wristwatch size, the Delrin shockproofing pads, the modern hi beat rate, and reputation for deadly accuracy.  One of my favorite modern movements.

As cased by IWC, still too big for me, though.  Thickness is only part of the issue; I wish IWC would slim down the diameter as well, as everything is 42 mm and up. There was a short-lived 40mm Ingenieur produced a couple of years ago (ref 3228?) that I'm guessing is headed for classic status in a few years.  If IWC would put the 80xxx into the Vintage Ingenieur shell at 37-39 mm (instead of 42), I'd be queuing up.  As it is, my interests are tending toward to true vintage, and the likes of the old Ingenieurs and Yacht Clubs, and the cal. 8541.

regards, Tom


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Thanks Steve... but..
Cal. 89 is a center seconds...
Cal. 89 is a center seconds...
Cal. 89 is a center seconds...
Cal. 89 is a center seconds...
Vintage c89..
Vintage c89..
Vintage c89..
Vintage c89..

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