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By: hamx15 
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7750 running (very) fast ??

Date: Jul 27, 2008,11:20 AM -  (view entire thread)

Hi,all ..... I'm new here,and have limited experience,with mechanical auto watch movements.
  I have recently purchased a used Swiss Made,Diver Chrono,12hr  type.
 Valjoux 7750.
 I will send particulars of the watch,if asked to do so..
  The watch was sold (as is) .
 The watch has been found to be in (as stated) condition.
 All functions work,and cosmetically looks quite good.

 It was stated by the seller that the watch was (running  fast ).

  I can confirm that it is running very fast.
It is at present advancing about 1 sec per min.
  In 5 hrs.... about 4min 50 sec.
  In 24 hrs.... about 34 mins.

   I would like input,as to the thoughts on possible causes.... of how it could be running so fast.
  The movement seemingly being so far out of adjustment,makes me feel that there must be some internal problem,other than needing servicing.
 To me,this is far too fast to be just a matter of needing adjustment.
   It has been suggested,that the watch probably has become (magnetized).....
    The owner then getting rid of it.....

  Any input on possible/probable causes of running this fast,would be highly appreciated.
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